The Old Gods of Asgard

The Old Gods of Asgard is the best band in the history of mankind. They were fearless pioneers who worked a rock'n'roll magic of their own, and they've never been equaled! You may never have heard about them before because they didn't sell out like so many other bands, but they made six great records and quit at the height of their powers!
Here's a song I love and I heard it's also included in the new video game Alan Wake! It's so cool that the old beards get some recognition!

Children of the Elder God

Warriors, torchbearers, come redeem our dreams
Shine a light upon this night of otherworldly fiends
Odin's might be your guide, divorce you from the sane
Hammer's way will have its say, rise up in their name

Listen to the song:

Download a HQ version of the song
Update! I found the second OgoA song from the game, it's here:
The Poet and the Muse

There's an old tale wrought with mystery of Tom the Poet and his muse
And a magic lake which gave a life to the words the poet used
Now, the muse she was his happiness, and he rhymed about her grace
And told her stories of treasures deep beneath the blackened waves

Listen to the song:

Download a HQ version of the song


We're the #1 Old Gods fansite on the net! We dug around for old articles and stuff and put them online so everyone can know how great this band was!! We're just doing this out of love 'cuz nobody has this cool old stuff anymore and we don't want people to forget how fantastic the Old Gods of Asgard were! Please don't sue us!!! :D THE AGE OF MURDER AND STORM NEVER DIES EVERYBODY!!!!

Also if you like Old Gods, I recently found this band: Poets of The Fall! Their singer sounds a bit like Odin, check them out!
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